History Comes to the Gallery

Four Men, Two Ox and a Dray

“Four Men, Two Ox and a Dray” is the title of an exciting new exhibition by Brisbane artist Rod Cassidy, showing now in the Old Church Gallery Moore.

Rod Cassidy has participated in group and solo exhibitions and was hung in the Archibald Prize 1978 Exhibition. Rod has won the Stanthorpe Art Festival Ceramics Prize and the Gatton Shire Art Award and was heavily involved in the establishment of the Ipswich Art Gallery.

Rod’s whimsical interpretations of a little known historical event, chronicled in the journal of explorer Allan Cunningham, during his explorations through the Brisbane Valley searching for the source of the Brisbane River, are a colourful and humorous record of what would have been a difficult and hazardous expedition in 1829.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to recognise numerous local landmarks, referenced in Cunningham’s journal and depicted by the artist. Cressbrook Creek, Mount Beppo, Emu Creek, D’Aguilar and Moore are just some of the locations featured in the work.

Rod’s clever use of gestures by the characters in his paintings helps convey many of the feelings the party must have experienced as they journeyed through what would have been pretty wild country in the early 19th century.

The use of glass as a medium upon which Rod applies acrylic paints, helps convey the depth of colour and detail in many of his art works. These pieces are beautifully framed with classic timber to add impact. Other works have also been completed on canvas.

“Four Men, Two Ox and a Dray” is showing in Old Church Gallery Moore from now until 3rd July 2017.  The Gallery café will be operating as usual, selling great coffee, tea, cool drinks and other lunch and snack options.


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